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Dehydrated sourdough starter!


Unsure or intimidated how to create your own sourdough? It can be a lot of work and it takes time and sometimes a lot of attempts. With the Rooted Kitchens dried starter you can skip to guessing and get straight to making sourdough that actually tastes like SOURdough!


Sourdough Starter

  • Meet “Clint Yeastwood” our Rooted Kitchen sourdough starter! Shelf stable and active dehydrated starter - simply add water and flour and watch the magic happen. Blog post for step by step directions on re-hydrating your starter.

    Please note** re-packaging or re-distribution of above product is illegal. Any re-branding needs direct approval from The Rooted Kitchen. If you’d like to sell this item at your farmers markets or in your store, please contact us directly for wholesale pricing.

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