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Positively Non-Toxic - Bug Spray

I recently shared a photo of a new item - our natural and non-toxic bug spray, and the response was surprising. I have always, and I mean ALWAYS, been the main victim of every mosquito in the area. I'm talking, the bites were so bad that my entire leg would swell up within minutes - don't believe me, ask any one of my family members.

Last summer, when I was thick into our fertility journey, we were going on a camping trip in the Sierras for an entire week and I was worried I was going to get eaten alive but also worried about using the same products we had used my entire life. I had mentioned it to my mom that I wanted to maybe make my own bug spray, I was worried about the toxins and chemicals in the bug sprays affecting our chances of conceiving. And low and behold, that sweet angel of a mother, made us some bug spray. And guess what, IT WORKED! And still works to this day!

I recently re-looked up DEET on google and this is what pops up:

"Most cases of serious side effects caused by DEET involve long-term, heavy,