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34 Weeks L&D Pre-Term Visit

Monday morning I went in for a routine scan and NST (non stress test). At 34 weeks twins are measuring at 5.6 and 5.9 lbs and are on track with singletons for their growth at this stage (there’s two of them instead of one so double the weight to carry and I am FEELING it!). So this is a huge milestone for us and if we were to deliver now, the twins would likely spend some time in the NICU, but they would be doing OK! Their percentiles arent as high as they were previously which I am ok with but they are still just as big as average babies at this point, and it is totally normal for growth to slow down a bit at this stage for multiples.

During the scan I had a pretty gnarly contraction, to the point I couldn’t talk or move. The high risk doctor quickly wrapped up the appointment and sent me over for the NST, but not before saying I might end up down in L&D for monitoring. During the NST, I had multiple contractions and they checked my blood pressure and it was somewhere around 150/110. Which is VERY high for me - before pregnancy and during most of my pregnancy I was around 115-125/60-70. They immediately reviewed it with another high risk doctor and then escorted me down by wheelchair to L&D triage where I stayed for a couple hours. If you could have seen the faces on some of the mothers in that waiting room….. oooof not going to lie, I felt their fear but also it was a bit comical as I struggled to pull myself out of the chair as if I was far larger than I actually am.

Once down in the L&D triage, they did a full preeclampsia workup and drew blood. Once they got the results back, they then sent me over to my own room where they admitted me and continued to monitor me. Turns out I do have preeclampsia (which can be more common with twins), their main concern was for me and if my BP got too bad and because of the level of protein in my urine, they would have to induce me. Which is something that I did not want to do (especially not this early) but understood that if it makes things medically safer for momma and babies then so be it.

Fortunately, my BP has lowered and while it’s staying somewhat near that borderline high number, they are happy that it’s not continuing to rise. They were going to allow me to go home Tuesday after another review of my charts, but that didn’t end up happening and they wanted me to stay and take a 24 hour urine sample and then redraw my labs Wednesday morning before allowing me to leave or deciding what the next steps are. It has been a whirlwind of a few days with little sleep and uncomfortable beds, monitors galore and a bit of stress/worry for the babies health and for my own health. But it is reassuring knowing the babies are looking great and doing great, it’s just me that’s having some issues right now but rest assured I am one stubborn woman so all will be well. We both decided that if they have to induce me before 35 weeks (which we are days away from) that we will get through the NICU time and at least that way everyone is happy, healthy and alive. However I don’t see that having to happen.

Labs were drawn Wednesday morning, my Iron levels dropped a point even after an iron transfusion and iron pills. They tried telling us we may have to stay another few days and we fought back on that and ultimately they released us. So we’re back at home, for now, and I’m monitoring my BP and making sure no other symptoms pop up or get worse.

These babies are on their way! Could be hours or could be days, time will tell.

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