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We realize that not all essential oils are safe during pregnancy, which is why we created our Mama-To-Be line. The Rooted In Love Mama-to-be rollers are fertility friendly for all walks of your journey to motherhood.


Body Oil

Our body oil is meant to be used all over! Girl, rub it in! This oil leaves your skin silky smooth and provides nourishing moisture to help your body as it continues to grow. It also can help in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Hair Serum

It's true what they say when they claim that your hair grows like a weed when you're pregnant.  Higher levels of estrogen prolong the hair growth phase which in turn leads to less hair shedding and thicker hair.

Bath Soak

Fluctuating levels of hormones can mess with your skin, body and emotions.  It is important to take care of your physical health as well as mental health, while your body is hard at work. Our bath soaks are pregnancy friendly and allow for you to relax and unwind.

Hey there, Mama.

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